Learnography presents Project Management 101.


Fundamentals you can't live without.


Introducing SPECS

This 30 minute course details the fundamentals of project management. Adopt these phases to successfully complete your projects. Learnography has proven them useful and we’re confident you will too!

Watch our introductory video to start your journey on SPECS.

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Five Phases of SPECS

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Embark on the project management journey with confidence every step of the way.



Prepare for anything then enjoy the benefits of effective planning.



Flawless execution isn't always possible, but effective tools give you everything you need.



Maintaining control is more than possible, it is empowering. And effective communication is key.



This crucial phase is most often overlooked. Eliminate the risk to your team and project with sign-off.


SPECS on iPad

A content-centric experience that brings SPECS modules to life.


iPad Interactive Learning App

iPad Interactive
Learning App

Prefer to download the course to your iPad? Like the convenience of viewing it wherever you are without the need for an internet connection? Learnography has got just the thing for you!