Sign-Off: Phase 5

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Project sign-off is too often overlooked. Without this step, you may find yourself in a sea of trouble down the road. Sign-off gives you two critical benefits. Firstly, this is a risk management piece. This ensures that no one takes the sign-off decision lightly and the correct sign-off authorities are involved. Secondly, this places emphasis on you to deliver satisfaction to the stakeholders of the project. If you need client sign-off, you need client satisfaction. Embedding this in the process will help the project team put this value front and centre at all times.

Learning Objectives



Learn to identify whether a project is closed or begging for closure. Embrace this project management habit.


Lessons Learned

You can tuck your project away asap and hope it turns out as well next time. Or… you can learn valuable lessons from the experience.


Engaging Clients

Beginning a project with white glove treatment isn’t enough. Your client should know their feedback is helpful and will be incorporated into future projects